False accusations and character assassination


For sure, many people are familiar with insouciancejudicature, which in Poland very often gives incredibly big reluctance to fairly examine the case and give the appropriate decree according to all conditions. As an effect it comes up, unfortunately, that is a very little needed to ruin life on innocent person. False accusations and character assassinations were, and will be for a long time very strong weapon of all people, whom for different reasons are looking for the revenge on others. Usually, such accusations are the result of big money you can receive that way.

False accusations can be related to envy. It is enough, that are neighbor have worse life than we have and one beautiful day we can receive the letter from prosecutor’s office, from which we can find out that there is an investigation against us for the event that happened without our participation. Most terrifying are situations, in which the wife is accusing her husband for physical violence, only for cozen money and ‘drown’ the partner.

Polygraph test will help with proving the innocence.

Defense in such situation is often happening to be very difficult, even despite the fact that we are innocent and its very obvious for us. The accused is always placed on the worst position and this is the main problem of Polish judiciary. However, our company can offer you some solution of getting out of difficult and really not nice situation. We possess modern polygraphs as well as workers, which by their proper education and rich experience, can perform truthfulness tests. It is possible, that these tests are not going to be a main evidence in the case, but they will help to resolve the doubts and at the same time will lead to faster and positive ending of the investigation.

Truthfulness test can be performed on the order of expert witness

In such criminal cases,  which means crime procedures, ordering the test with polygraph can be ordered only by the expert witness, but of course for example at the order of interested, which means even the person against which is the procedure. Test can be performed not only on the person accused but also accusing. It is important to mention the fact here, that in order for the test to be performed, approval of the tested person is needed. Accusing cannot allow for such test to be performed, but such situation will be considered as disadvantage for him. Even in the event of disapproval for such polygraph test by the person accusing us, it is good to perform such test on our own.

During the test, question, that will brightly and clearly answer questions if we committed the crime for which we are accused will be asked. Even if the court will not consider the results as very strong evidence, this, for sure will give the judiciary a lot to think about and can place us on winning position.

False accusations and character assassination are not only a family cases

Cases related to accusations are performed now on many ranks. These are not only family conflicts, but also friend, neighbor, related to employee of certain company, and even, these which are related to authority. Regardless of importance of the case, false accusations are always resulting in devastation in human psyche, and this is a reason why is it worth it to perform polygraph test, to at least be a little closer to prove our innocence. We guarantee, that our tests on ‘lie detector’ are characterized with really big reliability. The devices are having all necessary certificates and licenses, and the whole process of the test is implemented according with the law regulations.

So don’t let to be frighten by other people, which are doing it all for better fame and financial benefits. Professionally performed test with polygraph is a chance for fast and positive ending of your problems and this is why its worthy to use services of our experts.