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For most of people test on “lie detectors” are reminding criminal cases, which basically means  with criminals. Largely it is a result of popularity of American  movies in Poland. In the movies, lie detectors are very often used to prove the truthfulness of the accused. In fact, in that part of the world, since certain period of time it’s on daily basis to use polygraph in criminal procedures. However, it does not mean, that polygraphs in Poland are useless. Quite the opposite.

Polygraph test on a partner before planned wedding

With every year, the amount of private orders on truthfulness tests is increasing. In most of the cases, they are related to family issues, which means – cheating. However, more often they are used also by the couples that are planning marriage. Even though this is a very delicate issue, and often controversial, the cases when couples want to check truthfulness of their partner are more often. What these tests should show? It is mostly about hiding some facts, that later can be a reason of divorce. This means for example hiding the fact of overuse of alcohol or drugs or other narcotic substances. Also, there are often questions about debts, previous relationships, and even if the future mate did not hid the fact of having a child, which sometimes unfortunately happens.

Polygraph is excellent in trials of cozen money

For less typical cases, that are finding its final in polygraph tests, cozen money can be counted. Everyone knows, how difficult are times currently in the country, and many people are trying to improve their material situation by cozen compensations from insurance companies. Most often we deal with set up car collisions, but the ingenuity of our compatriots does not have limits. Polygraph tests could be without a problem used also in such situation, which means determination if specific claim from insurance company is real.

In cases related to rapes polygraphs are also used


Polygraph tests can be performed in any kind of case which are letting us lose the sleep over.  It is popular, for example, to test private life of people in cases, when is it important to solve many issues.  There are also very useful in cases related to raping. A large number of accused of committing that crime is complicating the investigation, and the polygraph test can give many answers that could be a turning point in the case.

It is important to mention, that regardless of the reason for which we want to use the polygraph tests, it is important to keep in mind that only professionally trained persons, that are having access to modern devices, can ensure us with fully reliable test results. In connection to this, we would like to invite you to use our services. On basis of rich experience and highest quality device for truthfulness test we can perform for you any kind of test. We are having many experts, which will match ideal questions to specific problem and this way give results, which will surely meet any expectations. Correctly performed test has to be implemented of course with accordance to law regulations and such actions are our main domain. The test are fully legal, and additionally they are performed in very comfortable conditions, which are not eliciting additional  stress. It is important, because stress of tested person can have negative influence on reliability of the results.

No matter what kind of problem you have, it is important, that thanks to us you will be able to unravel riddle and make right decision, which you will later not regret.