Recruitment tests, screening of the personnel


Recruitment procedures are accelerating speed in XXI century. Today, is not enough to have a high school certificate and basic manual skills to work practically in all professions. Employers are setting higher recruitment targets. In time of huge competition on the market, everyone wants to be the best, and the way to success would be easier with professionals, people not only well educated in specific field, but also having profession experience and ‘that something’ which is some predispositions to perform such work.

Frauds in biographies are more and more often

Due to such high requirements of employers and at the same time with big problems on job market, more often we can deal with events of not only mangling in candidates biographies, but also later, during interview, where many people are putting their selves  in outstanding bright light not having idea what they are talking about. Good recruitment person in company can of course easily catch that kind of lies, but it’s obvious  that we can’t be 100% sure. Skills of specific person will surely be verified later by the life, so the first given tasks after the hiring will show how competitive is that person, however in many big companies it is a waste of time. After the month, it is sure that the person is not suitable for the position and then the whole recruitment process has to be performed all over again.

Full verification of truthfulness of people applying for the job


Our company that is performing polygraph tests can help you with it. This device can successfully be used to confirm the truthfulness of recruiting person for specific position in your company. We guarantee full effectiveness of our tests, being discrete and of course professionalism and serious engagement in every task given to us.

It is important here to highlight the fact, that polygraph test on recruiting to your company people, should not be main domain of recruitment process. Testing every person with polygraph could have bad influence on image of the company, which in opinion of others would become not-trustworthy and suspecting everyone of a lie. Polygraph test on expertise of recruitment to the company people should be performed at the end of recruitment process, which mean after choosing little group of the best, in your opinion, candidates.

Polygraph test can be performed only after approval of testes

During such test, truthfulness of data given in the biography of the candidate for a job can be checked  as well as of course his verbal assurances, which appeared also for example during interview. It is important to highlight the fact that the polygraph test cannot be forced.  Our company working according with law regulations has to receive an approval to perform such test from every tested person. This approval always has to be in written form, and in case when there is no approval  we cannot try to induce the reason for which your job candidate does not want to participate in such test.

Flexible services of credibility of future employees

Due to the growing popularity of such test in our country we have for you special sets of questions, which were prepared for different services in range of recruitment. We can, in fast way check the credibility of given references or biography, but we are also performing tests on expertise of the employees. We are additionally taking care of checking candidates for the job in terms of their tendency to alcohol or other narcotic drugs, since most often this kind of information are skimmed in the biography.

Polygraph tests in recruitment process for job is a relatively new trend, which, however is more and more often popular due to the increasing percentage people faking their expertise. In US, currently there are over 300 thousand tests performed yearly. It is of course very delicate and controversial case, and that’s why  we are not recommending to overuse the polygraph tests. However, when using our services, you will surely find answers to all questions and that would make it easier to find an ideal employee, which will raise the rank and prestige of the company.