Tests in criminal procedures


In Europe polygraph tests in criminal procedures is still controversial and not often used method of gathering new evidence.  However, on the other hand in US, since certain period of time it is a permanent element of criminal procedures, for which, when correctly normalized by law, can be an important evidence in the case.

In Poland, polygraph tests in criminal procedures are legal

Low, as for now, interest in this kind of tests in Europe, and also in Poland however does not mean, that such steps are not performed. Polish law makes it possible to use polygraph tests not only on suspected in case person, but also in prosecuted and even witnesses. In our company you can order such professional polygraph tests, which surely will brighten performed criminal procedure and it will make it easier to solve.

However, it is important  to remember that, in the light of our law, test with “lie detector” not always can be a evidence in the case. If it is performed only on persons that are suspected or are witnesses, then the result of such test has to be only an additional material for the case, and all not necessary notes has to be removed during preparation of final case files. It is important also to mention the fact, that while ordering a polygraph test for criminal procedure, you have to be aware, that they could not be performed. The legal condition of performing such test, no matter of a status of specific person in the case, is that person’s permission in written form. In case, when the permission is not given, the test cannot be performed.

Exactly the same it is in case of people that are prosecuted, against which is the criminal investigation. We can perform the polygraph test on an order of expert witness but only after approval of the suspected. It is also important to remember, that we can’t in any way try to induce tested person for a reason of not approval, because such action is not with accordance to the law. This law is limiting the person to maintain silence. In case of approval for the test of suspected person, the result of the polygraph test can, however, be a evidence in the case, which means that it can be attached to files of performed investigation.

Modern and effective polygraphs

Our polygraph test in criminal procedures are performed not only with accordance with the law, but also with use of most modern and professional recording devices. Our workers are having great knowledge in range of their profession and they know how to ask question to tested, in order for the test results to be not only credible, but also with fully accordance with expectations of ordering party. Polygraph test in criminal procedures in Poland is not very popular and for many is very controversial, and usually is not seriously taken by the judges, however the results of such tests can sometimes have turning point in the case and can let to set new circumstances in the investigation.

Discretion of polygraph test

Tests are performed in the room especially prepared for it, which is not in any way bugged and out not letting in any outside factors. Thanks to which, are test are characterized with high effectiveness, and we can guarantee their credibility. It is important to highlight here the fact, that polygraph test can be performed also on crown witnesses in order to confirm their truthfulness.

All performed by us tests on truthfulness are kept in secret, what is also of course held by the law in our country. However, we are responsible of full discretion of ordering party and we are guaranteeing friendly conditions for conversation and determination of details of such test.