Tests on events of stealing


Stealing of course, is a crime and even thought the law sets appropriate norms, for which this kind of action is a punishable in legal action, however, probably for every single of us, losing an object  even with little value is not a nice experiance and surely gives very negative feelings. Stealing more often happens among employees hired in small as well as big companies. As a fact, the bigger company is, the more difficult is to control the company and its personnel. However the sad fact is, that stealing appears more often among people that are close to each other. Not only friends, but also families, where children are stealing money  for example from their parents.

As well in this as in the second case, proving such fault to stealer is very difficult, often we don’t  even know who can be guilty in the case and all we have only little suspensions.  In companies, there are also many kleptomaniacs hired, which are in most cases hiding this fact in their biographies, and it’s obvious that not every person performing the recruitment process has time to examine each person in detail and find out that he or she has any decrees from previous years for such crimes.

Modern polygraphs and effective tests on truthfulness

Our company can surely help with finding person responsible for the stealing. We possess very modern devices for tests on truthfulness, and besides that, we are hiring best professionals in branch, which perfectly know how to perform such tests, in order for them to be discrete, but also reliable as much as possible in the term on their results. Polygraph tests are performed with precise control with the person, company which is giving us this task. Especially worked out set of questions can specify in detail if that person really is innocent or if that person is hiding something and maybe is stealing out from the company in which he or she works or from his or her family or friends.

Very often during performing such test with polygraph many people are directly admitting the event of stealing, knowing that such professional test is not giving a chances to cheat. This is the best, fastest and at the same time cheapest method of finding unreliable person. Many stealing cases can end up without long term investigation, there is no need to spend a lot of money on monitoring system in the house or company and as a truth, we are saving our time and nerves.

Full discretion for performing the tests

Polygraph test are of course secret, what is held by Polish law regulations. Our employees are maximal discrete, and the fact that they are working under profession secrecy guarantees, that about the result of the test on truthfulness, as well as for its processing, no one is going to find out. It is important not only to protect the suspected, but also for reputation of the family, company, where the  information leakage can lead to many speculations and gossips.

Express polygraph test results

Our company is dealing with testing suspected for stealing people no matter on what the case is about. Appropriately prepared sets of questions are making it able to get the answers in any case and really fast. The test itself lasts from 1 to 3 hours, and the results you will receive not later than in 48 hours from ending the polygraph test. Taking actions with accordance to the law, however, cannot force a person to do such test. Every time, just before the test, we have to ask for the permission of the tested, and such, always has to be in written form.

We are inviting to use our services. Remember, that acts of stealing in territory of the company is not only a problem of the owner, but also decreasing morals of the employees, which are starting to worry about the things left in the company’s office. In case of the families, stealing acts not once are leading to splitting up of relationships and this is why it is important not to wait forever to find the guilty.