Pytania i odpowiedzi


  • Unfortunately no. According to polish law regulations the test can be performed only on children above 13 years of age.

  • Of course, yes. It is even recommended in every case, when the tested person is too stressed, have pains or is simply sick. The test can be always reappointed to different day.

  • No. Such test can be order not only by the companies or expert witnesses but, also private people. Only in case of criminal procedures, polygraph tests have to ordered by the expert witness and no one else.

  • Test on so-called ‘lie detector’ can be used in case of any problem we have. Polygraphs are usually associated with criminal procedures, however in real life most of such test are performed on private orders and related to problems such family, stealing, truthfulness during recruitment process and many more, daily life problems.

  • The basic rule in here is, that the questions have to suggest the answer “yes” or “no”. There are no other description and complex answers allowed. The test itself can be related to any case, however preparation of the question is performed by the experts that are having knowledge how it supposed to look and be processed.

  • In the polygraph test there are checked basic life functions of every person. Are we able to control at the same time our pulse, blood pressure and outflow of blood from our limbs? It is impossible, this is why cheating on ‘lie detector’ also should not take place.

    In last century, used polygraphs were as much primitive, that there were methods about which you can find many information on the Internet. Today, putting a pin into the shoe, or taking pain relievers will be automatically find out by the person performing the test and this is why there is no way to cheat.

  • There are many reasons for which test with help of polygraph is recommended. In case of criminal procedures, this may check the reliability of testimonies of accused and called witnesses. Polygraph tests can be also performed at the order of private people or companies. With their help you can check faithfulness of the  wife/husband, verify expertise of applying worker and many different cases, that can be doubt.

    Q: Can you cheat the polygraph?

  • Absolutely not. The test will be reappointed in case, when the tested person is not sober or if it’s on any narcotic drugs.

  • Usually tests are 1 -3 hours long. For the results of analysis of performed test usually you wait no longer than 48 hours.

  • Polygraph is a device recording many physiological reaction of human organism parameters. There are sensors connected to the polygraph that are located on the  tested person body, which are measuring for example heart rhythm, breathe etc. Outside emotions and reactions are reflecting themselves in parameters of work of organism which is used to perform test for truthfulness.

  • They can be one of helping evidences, but only when testing people accused, suspected or other outside people. In that case before the creation of final case files results of the test should be destroyed.

  • Absolutely no. According to law regulations in Poland, tested person have a right to reject to perform the test with polygraph without saying a reason. In that case the test cannot be performed.

  • Yes. Experts that are performing the tests of polygraphs are under the profession secrecy. They cannot share any information from such conversations. As a result of this, there is no reason to worry about the privacy, and full description of the case, which the test is going to about, this will let to prepare good set of questions that will make sure that the results of the polygraph are going to be honest.

  • No. Questions are prepared with the help of experts that are dealing with polygraph tests. It is a result of the fact that these questions has to have strictly determined form, in order for the test to be effective, and the result are reliable as much as possible.

  • Usually, it is said that number of critical questions related to the test, should not be more than 10. It is a result of phenomenon called ,,anti-climax’’. It is a significant decrease of reliability of the measurement of the reaction on answers, which are gradually mashing up in large number of questions. As a result, it is recommended to divide performing this test on longer period of time if there would be more questions. Of course, the test can be performed on one time with large number of questions, however there is no guarantee about the reliability of results of such test.

    Exception to this can be test that are having as a target determination of personal history of certain person. In that case, sets of question can be larger.

  • According to many examination of human organism, we are mostly active in afternoon hours. This is why it is recommended to perform the test with polygraph in this time.

  • First and most important thing is a rest. Night before the test you should sleep well and stay away of stressful situations and physical effort. Good rest also includes regular and healthy meals, which should be introduces to our diet few days before planned test. If during the test day we feel any pain it is better  to reappoint everything, because use of any pain relievers may fake test results on polygraph. Only medicine for regular take prescribed by doctors are allowed. If we don’t have to take the medicine regularly it is worthy to reappoint taking them on different time after the polygraph test.